RA “Stickem"

RA “Stickem” is a versatile drummer with an intuitive knack for tempo and pocket presence. Stickem cut his teeth early on with country music as well as jazz and marching band during his high school years. By the age of 15 he was already playing in the smokey honky tonks and paying his dues. Stickem also spent time early on playing in musical theater productions and did a two year residency at the Pollardville Palace Showboat Theater where he held pit percussion duties for their world class vaudeville and melodrama shows. Throughout his career Stickem has played many styles of music from metal to dixieland jazz and everything in between. Stickem’s true calling card has country music written all over it. He is well versed in country music from all eras right up to present day modern country hits. Stickem’s work can be traced to many of the area’s top talent. RA “Stickem” is one of the most sought after studio and live performance drummers in Northern California.